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Vinarija Petrač

Vinarija Petrač

Vinarija Petrač

Petrač winery, Čret, Hrvatska
+385 1 4604 333
Vinarija Petrač

Petrač is a centuries-old Zagorje name and the Petrač's are a native Zagorje family. Hršak breg is not only a unique and undivided vineyard formed by gradually merging different plots of land. Hršak breg is the heritage of Petrač family, passed down from times long gonewhen wine was made and drank at home, and shared with neighbours to enjoy life.

Whoever is acquainted with the colourful history of Zagorje, knows that plots of land, which stubborn locals defend till the last drop of wine, got regularly split and divided from generation to generation. In such environment, owning an undivided 10-hectare vineyard is no small achievement.

Vina u našoj ponudi

Karizma Vinarija Petrač
Ruby red with intense purple reflection. Karizma is the flagship wine of Petrač Winery, a Bordeaux blend with predominant Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Merlot.
Cabernet Sauvignon Vinarija Petrač
Cabernet Sauvignon
Powerful and concentrated wine full of black fruit, with clear hints of herbality and minerality. Very well-balanced full-bodied dry wine, preferably left to decant for a longer period so it could release all aromas.
Enigma Vinarija Petrač
Aromas of young red fruit matured in oak barrels form the first impression of this Bordeaux blend from Petrač Winery. Merlot is the dominant varietal in Enigma, with 40% Cabernet Sauvignon.
Graševina Vinarija Petrač
Nježne slamnatožute boje sa suzama koje sporo klize niz stijenke čaše, ovo je vino primjer graševine kontinentalne klime nasuprot prezrelim favoritima Slavonske ravnice i Podunavlja.

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